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My eyes are the window to the world. My camera lens is the extension of my eyes. My images capture people, property as well as details visible within or from public places.

I see myself as an observer of the streets with a distinct eye for details. In my beliefs, the photographer should always remain anonymous. A face in the crowd. Someone who realizes that he is being photographed automatically poses no matter if he wants to or not. In that case the picture is only a construct and no longer a candid image of real world. The camera never lies, but the photographer manipulating the world around him to make it fit to his vision, he is a liar.

So instead of set up photo shots, my photography is about capturing real life situations and the beauty of the moment. In fact, it is all about that one essential moment. The spilt second when you decide to pull the trigger to capture a unique, fugacious moment. If you miss it, the moment is lost forever.